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Mysterious death of a young Bulgarian who went fishing


A young man from Vidin was found dead near the Smirnenski dam. The case is from June 26 this year.

The man’s mother is adamant that her son was killed and is trying to find out who is to blame for his death.

Iskra Kochanova sends her son Ivaylo for fish on June 19. He goes to Smirnenski Dam in the company of his girlfriend.

“I asked him this time to go with friends, not to go with her. Because she is a mean person,” Iskra Mihaylova, Ivailo’s mother, told.Bulgaria On Air“.

For several days Ivailo and his mother heard each other on the phone, after which the connection with him was cut off. On June 26, Iskra received a phone call from Ivaylo’s friend’s sister, who told her the tragic news.

“She tells me: I don’t know, he seems to have drowned. I asked her: Where have you been? She calls me: In the tent,” the boy’s mother said.

Ivailo was found dead near the dam with visible traces of violence. He carried an expensive gold chain and several debit cards, which disappeared. Days after the case, Iskra started receiving reports from the bank that someone was shopping online with Ivailo’s cards.

“The amount exceeded BGN 1,500, but an additional investigation had to be made into who had my son’s money,” the mother added.

The man’s relatives claim that he loved life too much to encroach on his own.

“Personally, my hypothesis is that there was a struggle, Ivaylo was beaten. Ivaylo was killed, he did not drown,” said his friend Radoslav Velikov.

The prosecutor’s office in Montana announced that pre-trial proceedings are underway in the case, witnesses have been questioned, and one of them is Ivaylo Kochanov’s girlfriend. What is the cause of death will become clear within days after the forensic examination.

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