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Mycoplasma Pneumonia: Two Cases Found in Medan, North Sumatra

CNN Indonesia

Tuesday, 12 Dec 2023 13:11 IWST

Illustration. The North Sumatra Health Service recorded two cases of mycoplasma pneumonia in Medan (AFP/ARUN SANKAR)

Medan, CNN Indonesia

The North Sumatra Provincial Health Service recorded two cases Mycoplasma Pneumonia in Medan. The two children received treatment at a private hospital in Medan.

“We can say that up to now there have been 2 cases of Mycoplasma Pneumonia reported from private hospitals in Medan City,” said Head of North Sumatra Health Department, Alwi Mujahid to CNNIndonesia.comMonday (11/12).

Alwi explained that the two children, each aged 1 year and 10 months, were admitted to hospital on November 28 2023. Then the child aged 8 years and 8 months was admitted to hospital on December 8 2023.

“Both of them received treatment at a private hospital. But one of them has recovered, namely a patient aged 1 year and 10 months. Meanwhile, the other one is still being treated,” he said.

It is known that the North Sumatra Health Service has issued a circular to be aware of the spread of Mycoplasma Pneumonia.

Mycoplasma pneumonia is one of the bacteria that causes pneumonia. This disease generally causes mild symptoms of infection, but can also trigger severe pneumonia.

In the circular it was stated that Mycoplasma pneumonia causes mild symptoms and its spread takes a long time, so it is also called walking pneumonia. However, not everyone who is infected with this bacteria will experience symptoms.

Symptoms that can appear are flu and cough. In adults, the symptoms of this disease are usually not so severe that the sufferer is still able to carry out activities, but it can last a long time. However, in children, Mycoplasma pneumonia infection has a greater risk of causing serious symptoms.

Mycoplasma pneumonia is not a new type of bacteria. This bacteria is the germ that most often causes infections of the respiratory tract, especially before the Covid-19 pandemic.

This disease can be transmitted through saliva splashes when the sufferer coughs or sneezes. A person can contract Mycoplasma pneumonia infection if they accidentally inhale saliva splashes.

This bacteria usually causes symptoms around 1-4 weeks after infection. Therefore, the North Sumatra Health Service recommends wearing masks, maintaining distance and washing hands.


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