My Number Circulation Troubles: What kind of trouble are you having?

There have been a series of troubles related to linking My Numbers with public money accounts and health insurance cards, and outputting resident cards.

What kind of trouble are you having? To summarize the various reports, (1) erroneous registration of the public money receiving account or registration of another person, (2) erroneous grant of minor points, (3) erroneous registration of the minor insurance card, and (4) issuance of a certificate by a different person. is.

  • My number circulation troubles continue (photo is an image)

  • My number circulation troubles continue (photo is an image)

(1) to (3) are conventional human errors

(1) to (3) are human errors that occur when the terminal is not the My Number owner’s own terminal or someone else performs the linking work.

In the first place, even if it is called tying, it is still done normally.

This kind of error cannot be eradicated, but it can be greatly reduced by automating the work.

When I talk about this, I get a counterargument that some people can’t input themselves on their own terminals. I think it’s fine for such people to get help from their relatives, but if they can’t handle it without the help of others, such as government officials, there’s no need to force them to do it. We should design a system that does not cause problems even if it remains as it is.

In connection with this story, I heard the current situation from a local public official. Under the promotion of My Number, a large number of officials are mobilized on shared terminals of local governments to provide various types of support. Among them, officials and residents who do not understand login and logout seem to have caused this erroneous registration problem. This may be a well-intentioned move, but it goes too far.

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Therefore, (1) to (3) should not occur, but since they are conventional human errors, their importance is low and there are ways to deal with them.

Moreover, (1) 130,000 public money accounts under family names may seem like a huge number, but it is only 0.2% of the 54 million public money receiving accounts. 748 false registrations is 0.001%.

There are temporary mistakes when transitioning to a new system

The problem is (4). This is a mistake that the system company should be responsible for, without any fault of the My Number owner. The truth seems to be that when the system was overloaded, it processed with the previous information without an error.

Residents have the right to know when their data is being used, including by being notified. We should take measures to ensure that mistakes do not lead to major mistakes, such as ensuring that there is no erroneous use.

At the same time, we should recognize that the system company also has a big responsibility.

In any case, when the mass media publishes a large number such as 130,000 cases, the ratio of 0.2% should be seen at the same time.

Also, there are temporary mistakes when transitioning to a new system. On the other hand, there is also the permanent disadvantage of not being able to implement policies such as immediately transferring benefits to national accounts, which could be done in other countries due to the corona crisis. Weigh both temporary mistakes and permanent disadvantages.

++ Profile of Yoichi Takahashi
Yoichi Takahashi Former Cabinet Secretariat Advisor, former Cabinet Counselor, current chairman of Policy Studio
Born in 1955. He joined the Ministry of Finance in 1980 and has been a Cabinet Counselor since 2006. In 2007, he came to attention for pointing out so-called “buried gold.” He retired in 2008. He has been a professor at Jiayue University since he was 10 years old. Since 20 years he has been an advisor to the Cabinet Secretariat (in charge of economic and fiscal policy). He retired at 21. His books include Farewell to the Ministry of Finance!

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