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“My Bayern” is the name of the column by SPORT BILD reporter legend Raimund Hinko, which deals with the German record champions. Hinko has been with Munich for decades.

Dear critics of Leroy Sané,

imagine, Leroy continues to shoot Bayern against Villarreal. With three goals. After wonderful dribbles, hits with the left (two), even with the right. And all that after the traumatic 0-1 in the first leg, which could have ended 0-4. Take me for an incorrigible dreamer. What are dreams for? that they come true. Yes it is.

You guessed it long ago. I’m spinning. If Sané really happens, I’ll make a pilgrimage to the Black Madonna and light three candles. Of course, the truth is much sadder. The gray everyday life in Bavaria is grayer than it has been for many years. I just remember a debacle in autumn 2017 against a team a hundred times stronger than Villarreal, the 0-3 at Paris St. Germain. At that time, Bayern coach Carlo Ancelotti was fired without notice. Yes, the Ancelotti who eliminated Paris in the round of 16 with Real Madrid and beat defending champions Chelsea 3-1 on the island last week.

No, I don’t want to suggest that Bayern should part ways with Julian Nagelsmann. They need the trainer everywhere, since the leadership, the successors of Uli Hoeneß and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, seem to be groping in the dark when they are looking for an answer to all the important and unimportant questions that Nagelsmann formulated long ago. Or as Lothar Matthäus puts it: The biggest upheaval for Bayern is not in the team, but in the new leadership, led by Oliver Kahn. No one can happily say yes to whether this will go well. Only President Herbert Hainer cuts a sovereign figure.

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The many millions that FC Bayern has to make loose if the contracts of Robert Lewandowski, Thomas Müller, Manuel Neuer and Serge Gnabry are to be extended have long been in Leroy Sané’s account. So that we understand each other correctly: I have never envied a football star all the money. Never, never, never – even for a tenth of a second. Because he deserves it when the market allows it. And because he would be stupid if he didn’t accept the money. But who, for heaven’s sake, provided Sané with a contract of over 20 million annual salaries (according to more and more sources) when he, coming from ManCity, was already costing well over 50 million in transfer anyway? Lewandowski and Müller once came to zero tariffs. The 20 million transfer fee for newcomers to Schalke 04’s account is strictly equivalent to a zero tariff, it’s more of a big plus.


Lucky against Augsburg
Here the video referee saves Bayern

Source: image

Sané, on the other hand, has been sagging again for weeks after a few weeks of better performance in the first half of the season. That was the big topic in all discussion rounds on Sunday and Monday. Two expired balls and one and a half alibi shots per game are just a bit poor. Not to mention winning dribbles. Okay, Joshua Kimmich and Thomas Müller are also a few meters away from their best form. But they dig in with all their might. They were partly responsible for the fact that there was no further embarrassment in the 1-0 win against Augsburg. And they will do the same against Villarreal.

My colleague Christian Falk said on BILD on TV that Sané wears the 10 to become a world star. You have to get that out of him as soon as possible. Wow, those are harsh words. The only question is who finds the right tone. Pep Guardiola didn’t make it to ManCity either and preferred to let Sané go.

For the first time since the days of Peps Tika-Taka, which Jupp Heynckes and Hansi Flick have refined, Bayern seem to have forgotten everything that could look like playfulness. The balls are being hit from behind more and more often like in bad kick-and-rush times, at best aimlessly forward. The midfield must now show their colors. Joshua Kimmich, Leon Goretzka, Thomas Müller and Jamal Musiala have enough facilities. They have to get back to the game that Bayern won the Champions League with in 2020 as quickly as possible. To a game that Robert Lewandowski feeds with templates again. With flanks off the wings. The game now is an inextricable knot of players in the middle, nobody is pushed outwards.

Unless Bayern find their way back to their DNA, with virtues like Arjen Robben had (there was an outcry from the stadium every time he was substituted on), Villarreal faces a setback from which the club will not recover any time soon. I’d rather lose my Sané bet and go to the Black Madonna.

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