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Muang Thong VS Buriram 2-2 : Prasat Saifah is not giving up. Got angry after the Kirin.

Muang Thong VS Buriram football result 2-2 | “Former champions” Buriram United’s form continues to falter. By being the one to score and take the lead twice, twice. But the local team, Muang Thong United, was able to equalize both times. Before the game ended with a fierce 2-2 draw, Buriram tied for the 5th game in a row, with 18 points, ranked 4th, while Muang Thong ranked 12th with 14 points.

Thai Football League 2023/24

Muang Thong 2-2 Buriram

Thai League Football Battle 2023/24 On Sunday, December 3, 2023 “Kirin Proud” Muang Thong United Opening the Thunderdome Stadium. Meet “Thunder Castle” Buriram United

GOAL!! Just 3 minutes into the game, Buriram scored a 1-0 lead from Suporn Pinakatapho. Cross the ball from the right side. Supachai Jaided Hovering and hitting the first post into the net.

In the 35th minute, Muang Thong had a chance at a goal. Charoensak Wongkorn launched the ball into the penalty area for Stefan Chepovic to head and hit the ground, making a save from Siwarak Thesungnoen, who fell over and was able to block the ball away.

GOAL!! In the 40th minute, Muang Thong equalized when Pramet Ajwilai passed the ball. Charoensak Wongkorn Passed into the penalty area on the right side. before striking the ball sharply into the far post and into the goal. and the first half ended with the score tied 1-1.

GOAL!! In the second half, Buriram scored and took the lead again when Tristan Do knocked Goran Kaucic down in the penalty area. The referee checked the footage from VAR before awarding a penalty to Buriram and it was Goran Kaucic Who rose up to kill himself and didn’t miss a beat in the 61st minute, Buriram leading 2-1.

In the 63rd minute, Pramet Ajwilai shot from the left near the edge of the penalty area. The ball arrived. Stefan Chepovic shook his head and headed to change direction, but was saved by Siwarak Thesungnoen, who narrowly deflected the ball over the crossbar.

GOAL!! In the 78th minute, Muang Thong equalized again from a cross from the right side to the second post. Willian Popp headed it into the middle. Stefan Chepović A close header found the back of the net and the score came back to a tie again, 2-2.

After that, the game was very close. But there were no more goals until the 90 minutes ended. Muang Thong United tied Buriram United 2-2, causing Muang Thong to gain 14 points from 12 matches, ranking 12th in the table. Buriram tied in the league for the 5th consecutive game, ranking 4th with the result. Field work: 10 matches, 18 points.

List of real players entering the field

Muangthong United : Korakot Phipatnadda (GK), Tristan Do, Songwut Kraikruan, Teerapat Laohabutr, Chayaphon Sapma, Picha Utara, Weerathep Pomphan, Willian Popp, Charoensak Wong. Korn, Pramet Ajwilai, Stefan Chepovic

Buriram United : Siwarak Thesungnoen (GK), Suporn Pinakatapho, Dion Cools, Kim Min Hyuk, Sasalak Haiprakon, Theerathon Bunmathan, Goran Kaucic, Peeradon Chamrasamee, Supachai Jaided, Ramil Seydayev, Losana Doumbouya

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