MotoGP. The Grand Prix de France is preparing for a closed session. Sport

If the French Grand Prix is ​​maintained on May 14-15-16, 2021, the organizer plans to organize the race behind closed doors, « taking into account the latest government decisions ”.

The site of the Grand Prix de France therefore sets up refund systems for those who have reserved tickets. For orders made since January 29, 2021 with the deferred payment option: the order and the direct debit are automatically canceled, without any action to be taken.

On the other hand, for orders postponed from 2020 to 2021, two options are available, as the organizer explains: “Keep your order from May 2021, postponed identically to May 2022 (for the postponement, no formalities to be carried out, if you do not request a refund, your order will be automatically postponed identically). Request a refund for your order from May 2021 until June 15, 2021, using a form available on the site. “ More information on the site of the Grand Prix de France MotoGP.


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