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Mother’s Terrifying Experience with Mycoplasma Pneumonia in Ohio


A mother in Ohio, United States, told of the condition her son experienced at the end of last November. It is known that a 14 year old boy named William McCarren suffered from pneumonia due to mycoplasma infection.

At first, Mollee wasn’t too worried when she saw William coughing lightly. Because, at the same time, William’s younger brother was also suffering from an upper respiratory infection.

She decided to wait a day or two before seeing a doctor, to monitor whether her child’s symptoms got worse. But Mollee knew something was wrong when William came home from school, crying and clutching his chest.

Not only that, William also coughed up mucus and could barely breathe. Mollee thought her child was infected with COVID-19.

“He was very pale and he could barely stay awake, he acted like he was going to faint,” Mollee was quoted as saying The SunWednesday (6/12/2023).

Seeing his son’s condition worsening, Mollee took him to the emergency room. The test results showed that the oxygen level in William’s blood was very low, up to 75 percent.

“They said if the temperature drops any lower, it can cause brain damage,” Mollee said.

While carrying out the examination, the doctor heard a crunching sound. X-ray results showed that both of the boy’s lungs were full of fluid.

After being transferred to an Ohio-area children’s hospital, the pediatrician told Mollee that her son had mycoplasma pneumoniae. This disease is also known as ‘walking pneumonia’ and attacks both lungs which is usually mild.

However, doctors said that her son may have brain damage. This was the result of low oxygen levels if he had not taken her to the hospital early.

Mollee cried non-stop and panicked when she heard this. Because none of his children had suffered from a serious illness before.

“William was also very hurt,” he said.

Now, William has been released from the hospital after seeing his oxygen level increase to around 90 percent. Mollee said William’s entire floor was occupied by child patients suffering from pneumonia.

“Immediately contact a doctor or immediately provide assistance to children if the symptoms are abnormal, even if it’s just a cough,” he concluded.

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