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Mother, the price of gold is down! Don’t forget to set aside your salary to buy

Jakarta, CNBCIndonesia –Gold prices at Pegadaian moved mixed on Sunday (22/5/2022) although most of them experienced a decline. The movement follow the movement of gold in the global market which is very volatile.

Pegadaian sells 3 types of Antam gold, Antam Retro, and Antam Batik with various sizes. There is also gold at UBS prices.
Antam’s gold is sold from 0.5 grams to 1,000 grams. Referring to Pegadaian data, today, Antam’s gold price of 0.5 grams did not move at the level of Rp 564,000.

Antam’s standard 1 gram gold is currently selling for Rp. 1.023.000/bar, a decrease of Rp. 1000 or 0.09% compared to last Saturday’s price.

Then Antam’s Retro gold, the size of 1 gram, is priced at Rp. 974,000/bar. The price increased by Rp. 1000 per gram or 0.1% compared to yesterday’s price.
Antam Retro Gold is old gold with separate gold pieces and certificates. AntamRetro Gold was last produced in 2018, and is available from 0.5 grams to 100 grams.

Antam also produces Batik Antam gold. Gold of this class is the most expensive among other gold bars. However, Pegadaian only sells three sizes, 0.5 grams, 1 and 8 grams.
For Antam batik gold, the size of 1 gram, today is priced at Rp. 1,179,000/bar, down 0.085%.

Meanwhile, the price of UBS gold sold in various sizes from 0.5 grams to 500 grams. Today, Sunday (22/5/2022), 1 gram of UBS gold is priced at Rp. 979,000/bar, up 0.1% compared to last Friday.

The following is a complete list of gold bullion prices sold by Pegadaian.


Antam Price

Antam Retro Price

Price of Antam Batik

UBS price


Rp 564.000

Rp 520.000

Rp 637.000

Rp 523.000


Rp 1.023.000

Rp 974.000

Rp 1.179.000

Rp 979.000




Rp 1.983.000

Rp 1.930.000

Rp 1.943.000




Rp 2.948.000

Rp 2.865.000




Rp 4.878.000

Rp 4.763.000

Rp 4.800.000


Rp 8.927.000-


Rp 9.699.000

Rp 9.464.000

Rp 9.547.000



Rp 24.116.000

Rp 23.526.000

Rp 23.820.000


Rp 48.148.000

Rp 46.967.000

Rp 47.541.000


Rp 96.214.000

Rp 93.851.000

Rp 95.045.000


Rp 240.257.000

Rp 234.342.000

Rp 237.540.000


Rp 480.296.000

Rp 468.459.000

Rp 474.521.000


Rp 962.626.000

Rp 936.874.000

The increase in all gold bullion prices followed the world gold which was very high volatile. In the last two weeks, the precious metal moved up and down although more often in the negative zone. Gold usually weakens in morning trade and then creeps up towards the afternoon.

Overall, global gold prices are still strengthening 1.9% on a point to point basis. However, in a month the precious metal has fallen 4.4% and in a year it has fallen 1.8%.

The movement of that gold volatile driven by a number of factors that bring gold into two opposing forts
On the one hand, there is a strengthening of the United States (US) dollar and yield US government bonds that make gold prices fall. A strengthening dollar makes gold expensive, so investors have to pay more to buy gold. Strengthening yield makes gold unattractive because it offers no returns.

However, on the other hand, there are fears of an economic recession and the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. These factors make gold move up because gold is an option when economic conditions worsen.


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