Mostly dry and cloudy weather will have New York this Thursday | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

that adelante this figureit could increase.I am ana maía meía, dasarasota.rafael: continuing with the topicweather conditions,we passed with lucrecia borchardtof the guardians of time.we already see that ian has destroyed big timepart of where it has paó forflorida, what was expected ofhuh?lucrecia: we have had enoughtakes care of maintenancesome precipitation away orof our region, according to artwe are approaching the weekendWe will see those odds.for today Thursday we talkpeaks in the 70sbut many cities will bebarely reaching the 60s,mostly sunny and dry withRafa accommodates up to 20 milesso.meanwhile when we see thetemperature change we speakthat all cities haverelegated in the last 24hours in pre two and three,we have a thermometer inside thatjust over 60, 63,with some cloudiness it hasaccumulated in the last few hours.the best for today is estaánleft the 60s, whencheck out the next onehours the conditionssimilar, very stable, athermometer oscillating between 64and 67 only three differencesthat’s what will changemercury as we get closerin the afternoon and in the evening.the maximum temperatures fortoday they remained at 67 inchesnewark and new york, 66 inchesConnecticut, cloud coverstay with us all the timeall day and allnight because it falls for todaythe thermometer located at61 and we will see cloudiness thatbegins as we go towardsthe night.for the next few days

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