“Morning set meal” cheaper than the beef bowl chain “Namimori” Contents of the menu that comes with change for 300 yen

About 10 years ago, you could eat a standard beef bowl for 280 yen. Currently, it costs over 400 yen at major chains. The price of set menu items has also increased to around 700 to 800 yen.

Even in these modern times, the breakfast menu of gyudon chains is worth paying attention to. The cheapest option is 290 yen including tax. J-CAST News Biz compared the breakfast menus of three major companies and interviewed each company about their best sellers.

  • Matsuya’s “W-Choose Egg-Kake Gohan” is the second most popular product (provided by Matsuya Foods)

  • Yoshinoya's

    Yoshinoya’s “Morning beef set” (provided by Yoshinoya)

  • Matsuya's
  • Yoshinoya's

Matsuya “Egg Rice” with small bowl 290 yen

First, Matsuya. The morning menu includes the following: Please note that all menu prices listed below include tax.

W’s choice of egg-topped rice (rice, miso soup, raw or soft-boiled egg, small bowl of choice): 290 yen
Tokucho beef plate set meal (rice, miso soup, rice dumplings, beef plate, salad, seaweed): 380 yen
Sausage and egg set meal (rice, miso soup, rice dumplings, fried egg, sausage, choice of small bowl and seaweed): 450 yen
*Small bowls can be chosen from mini beef plate, natto, domestic grated yam, and chilled yakko.

According to Matsuya Foods, the best-selling breakfast menu items are the “Sausage and Egg Set Meal” in first place, and the “W-Choice of Egg and Rice” in second place. 3rd place goes to “Sausage and Egg Double Set Meal.” Regarding the birth of “W’s Choice of Egg-Kake Gohan,” “There has been a need for egg-kake-gohan for breakfast menus for a long time, and by combining it with our company’s specialty “Selectable Small Bowl,” we created Matsuya’s “Egg-Kake-Gohan.” We have decided to make a proposal to our customers.”

Next is Sukiya. Below is part of the breakfast menu.

Mixed breakfast (medium rice, miso soup, okra and soft-boiled egg small plate, bonito flakes): 290 yen
Tamakake set meal (rice, miso soup, egg, seaweed, seasonal small bowl): 290 yen
Natto mixed breakfast (rice, miso soup, natto, small plate of okra and soft-boiled egg, bonito flakes): 360 yen
Natto tamakake breakfast (rice, miso soup, natto, egg, seaweed, seasonal small bowl): 360 yen

The “Seasonal Small Bowl” comes with hijiki stew for free. The price changes depending on the amount of rice, so you can choose the perfect amount. Side menu items include tuna tataki plates, fried chicken, mustard greens, sausage, and sliced ​​apples.

When I asked a Yoshinoya spokesperson about their best-selling products, she said, “The ‘Morning Beef Set’ is the most popular item on the menu, followed by the ‘Ham and Egg Beef Small Bowl’ and the ‘Ham and Egg Natto.’

Changing the size of your rice or refilling it is free of charge. “If you add 100 to 120 yen to the “Morning Beef Set,” “One Soup and Three Sides Set Meal,” and “Standard Breakfast Set Meal,” you can change the miso soup to pork soup, clam soup, or freshwater clam soup. It is characterized by the fact that you can consume more than 20 grams of protein per meal.”

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