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“More mutated omicron” is spreading

One and a half months ago, the first omicron case was detected in Denmark. Since then, the variant, which is also referred to as BA1, has become the dominant one in the country.

But already now a sub-variant of the omicron variant, BA2, is growing in Denmark, which creates headaches.

– Denmark is the country in the world with the most omicron cases, and we see with interest that the number of BA2 subvariants increases, almost at the expense of BA1, says chief physician and professor Anders Fomsgaard at the Statens Serum Institut (SSI).

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No need to worry

In week 50, BA2 accounted for almost 2 per cent of all cases of infection in the country. In week 1, the sub-variant accounted for 28 percent. At the same time, the proportion of cases of BA1 has fallen from 72 to 68 per cent, where the last 4 per cent are linked to several cases with the delta variant.

Fomsgaard emphasizes that there is no cause for concern, since no significant differences can be seen between BA1 and BA2. But the reason why BA2 is gaining ground is something the researchers can not yet explain, he says.

SSI is now in the process of preparing a risk assessment of BA2. He points out that this sub-variant has also been proven in Norway and Sweden, and that SSI has notified the World Health Organization (WHO) of the development.

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Proven in Norway

The subgroup is also referred to as «an even more mutated version of the omicron»In FHI’s latest weekly report.

– Omikron is now divided into some subgroups. One subgroup, called BA.2., Has so far been uncommon in the world. But now, after the New Year, it has increased quite sharply, including in Denmark and parts of Sweden, said Karoline Bragstad – senior researcher and section leader at the Section for influenza and other airborne infections in FHI – to Dagbladet.

Bragstad informed Dagbladet that FHI was not directly concerned about the subgroup – but that they are following closely.

– We wonder if it might have an even greater contagion advantage than omikron otherwise. So we are following it closely now, to see how this degenerates, she said.

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