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Moon Shrinking and Imminent Earthquake Threat: What Awaits the Earth in the Coming Years?

A new danger is approaching the Earth, after a long series of natural changes that the world has witnessed in recent years, starting with solar storms, passing through significant climate change during the winter season, and leading to violent earthquakes.. So what awaits the Earth in the coming years?

The reason for the shrinking size of the moon…and an approaching earthquake in the coming years

“The moon is shrinking and an earthquake is hitting the moon.” A new danger threatens humanity, after a study concluded by NASA, according to the Washington Post, which confirms that the size of the moon is shrinking at a noticeable rate, indicating that there is no scientific evidence to support it. Reasons for the change in the size of the moon, a phenomenon that has not occurred for millions of years.

Many people believe that the Moon is a geologically dead body that does not witness any changes to its composition, but in fact, the Moon is a seismically active body, as Tom Waters, a lunar geologist, confirmed in statements highlighted by the Washington Post.

For more than 50 years, astronauts have placed seismometers around the near side of the moon’s surface to record vibrations, confirming the imminence of a massive earthquake unprecedented in hundreds of years, expected in 2027 or earlier, that could disrupt human missions.

In a recent study, Watters and colleagues show that this powerful earthquake is linked to a set of currently seismically active faults, which were formed by the Moon’s contraction. Earthquakes in the region can trigger landslides of loose rock and dust from surrounding craters.

Other researchers say that we still do not have enough information to identify dangerous places to land on the Moon, especially after the changes that have occurred to it, as its circumference has shrunk by about 150 feet over the past hundreds of millions of years.

Much of this shrinking is due to the natural cooling of the Moon’s molten core. As the core cools, the Moon’s surface shrinks and adapts to the change in volume. As it shrinks, parts of the Earth’s crust overlap to form ridges known as fault faults.

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