Monza-Juve, CM’s report cards: Di Maria makes the difference for the others, Allegri from 4 also in the stands. Decisive Gytkjaer | A league

Monza – Juventus 1-0

Gregory 6.5: first save of his afternoon with less than ten minutes to go. Attentive and focused, he unravels a couple of dangerous situations with his feet.

Marlon 6.5: not always precise and elegant in its action, however, it confirms itself as a solid and reliable element.
(from the 9th st Caldirola 6: protects the defense by taking care of the point)

March 7: performance of great substance at the center of the defense: he harnesses Vlahovic and signs two fundamental closings on as many Juventus counterattacks using his sense of position.

Izzo 7.5: he has a great desire to do: he follows Di Maria like a shadow causing his expulsion, he looks for the goal on a free kick and in defense he shows himself confident both on the left and on the right.

Circuit 7: lined up by surprise from 1 ‘, he begins the challenge with resourcefulness and desire to do. He magnetizes many balls, effectively breaking the game. He signs the decisive assist.

Rovella 7: draws an intelligent and clean football, making even non-trivial plays seem simple. He always disengages with personality and also seeks the conclusion for the entire match.

Senses 6: an excellent start, in which he relies on his technique in close dialogues with Rovella. With the passing of the minutes he decreases in intensity, until the substitution.
(from the 9th st Barberis 6: enters to support the dribble of a Monza in numerical superiority)

Charles 6.5: substance test on the competence band. One of the most constant and continuous in the offensive thrust.
(from 39 ‘st Birendelli sv: enters to arm the rearguard)

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Pessina 6: called to split between midfield and trocar, the Biancorsso captain is hardly seen in the first fraction, while in the second – thanks to the greater space – he is more incisive. He has ample room for growth.

Caprari 5: the discordant note of Monza: some leaps forward in dictating the last step, but in too many situations he makes even trivial mistakes. He can and must do more.
(from 24 ‘st Hit 6: some ideas to bring physicality)

Mota 6: deployed as a central offensive reference, he wears himself out in an intense work of pressing and running. The most effective ideas arise when he manages to expand and assert his speed.
(from the 9th st Gitkjaer 7: decisive: enters the field and on the second attempt he signs a goal that will remain in the history of Monza. At this moment the Brianza cannot ignore his physicality)

All. Palladino 7.5: in less than a week he goes from the Monza Primavera to his winning debut in Serie A. He has an attacking team that shows quality and courage. A historic afternoon for him and his team.


Perin 6: the best moment experienced in Juve’s years in Juve’s worst moment in recent years
De Sciglio 5: right, wrong a lot, too much too (41 ‘st Soulé sv)
Cats 4.5: rocky, still a little too rough, in confusion especially in the second half when the marking is always lost.
Bremer 5: the empty passages never fail.
Daniel 5.5: on the left to allow Juve to slide from the 3 (or rather 5) to the 4 line. He leads the counterattack that could change the fate of the match, wrong choice and measure of the last pass,
McKennie 5.5: a little here, a little there, always approximate
Parede 5: plays from a standstill or almost, the lighting never comes and is only useful when the ball is inactive.
Miretti 5.5: Allegri does not reject him, he tries to create something good but it is hard for everyone (41 ‘st Beans sv)
Mary’s 4: he had to make a difference, he succeeds but for Monza. A completely useless elbow and the daughter of frustration
Vlahovic 4.5: more than doing the ward alone, he is always alone in attack, but if he does not even control a ball, it is his fault and not that of his teammates.
Kostic 5: he too is in trouble (33 ‘st Kean 5.5: the good ball is on his head, he leans it weakly on Di Gregorio)

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All. Allegri (on the Landucci bench) 4: Juve in disarray, if he remains in his place at the moment it is only and exclusively for a contract of 7 million net plus bonuses until 30 June 2025.

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