Montreal is not immune to a second wave this summer

Public health does not exclude that a second wave of COVID-19 will occur this summer if the measures of physical distancing are badly applied. The National Institute of Public Health of Quebec (INSPQ) presented its most recent scenarios on Thursday afternoon.

The number of deaths could rise to 200 per day in August, only in Greater Montreal, if citizens do not respect the distance of 2 meters between people, respiratory etiquette, protective measures in shops and the isolation in case of symptoms. Conversely, strong membership would limit the number of deaths below 50 per day. In both cases, it is the median number. These two scenarios do not take into account the number of deaths that could occur in Long-Term Care Homes (CHSLDs).

The situation would be less critical in the rest of Quebec where the number of daily deaths would be counted on the fingers of one hand, but would nevertheless increase somewhat if the measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus were little respected.

The INSPQ does not take into account the trips between regions that will occur with the deconfinement of the tourism industry announced the previous day by the Legault government.

Other details will follow.

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