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Moldovan Oligarch Ilan Shor Creates Victory-Victoria Political Block in Moscow Conference for upcoming Presidential Elections and EU Referendum

The exiled Moldovan oligarch Ilan Shor, at the conference of the Shor party he leads in Moscow, announced the creation of the Victory-Victoria political block. The association prepares for the presidential elections in Moldova and the referendum on joining the European Union, reports “Commercial”.

Moldavian service of Radio Liberty recalling that the Shor party in Moldova was banned by the Constitutional Court last summer, representatives of the current authorities of the country that is currently in Europe announced a forum of Shor supporters in Moscow as a “disgrace”.

The exiled oligarch himself described Sunday’s Congress, held in a Moscow hotel, as “an event dedicated to uniting the Moldovan opposition.” Speaking at the conference, he said that his partners are “ready to take responsibility and defeat poverty, destitution and devastation.” The businessman also mentioned his willingness he wanted to “build a future in Moldova” and noted that he sees another option in friendship and partnership with Russia.

The Shor party was banned in Moldova at the request of the government, which accused this structure and its politicians of trying to destabilize the country’s situation for the benefit of Russia. At home, businessman Ilan Shor was sentenced to 15 years in prison for his involvement in bank fraud. Shor denies the accusations, saying it was “revenge for the protests” held by his party in Chisinau.

At a conference in Moscow on April 21, Shor said the goal of his new campaign is to come to power in the fall presidential elections. He did not name a candidate. The banned Shor leader also said that the rapprochement with the European Union under the current government would not benefit the Moldovan people, because Europe “today is driven by consumers and non-professionals.”

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Ilan Shor introduced the leadership of the new political bloc, which additionally included the leader of Gagauzia, an autonomous territorial entity within Moldova, Eugenia Gutsul and a member of the Moldovan parliament Marina Tauber.

In Chisinau, the spokesperson of the Party of Action and Loyalty (PAS), Adriana Vlas, told the Newsmaker portal that Moldovan politicians are “ashamed” to be in Moscow “when the whole world is criticizing the Kremlin for the barbaric war in Ukraine. “

The meeting in Moscow ended with a concert where the Russian singer Nikolai Baskov performed, among others. The media, especially “Europe’s New Newspaper”, they also write about the appearance of Philip Kirkorov on the stage. Conference participants avoided talking about Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, noting the Moldavian service of Radio Liberty.

Before the event in Moscow, the People’s Assembly of the Gagauz Autonomy voted to request a special status for Russian in the region, as well as criticizing a legal reform that would lead, among other things, to the closure of the Comrat Court. of Appeal. Commenting on the vote, Moldovan Prime Minister Dorin Recean said the reformed legal system will eliminate what he called “the criminal elements that rule Gagauzia.”

  • Most of Ilan Shor’s allies, including Gagauzia leader Evgenia Gutsul, face several criminal charges in Moldova related to alleged illegal financing of Shor’s party and protests against the government from 2022-2023 using money from Moscow or bank fraud. Hutsul, Tauber and other charges are denied.
  • Moscow has again denied that it was involved in efforts to destabilize the situation in Moldova.

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