Molde complained to CAS after the Fofana transfer: – Hope Molde loses everything

David Datro Fofana’s former club Abidjan City believes Molde stole the attacker from them and has complained to Molde at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).


Molde’s managing director Ole Erik Stavrum informs about the complaint to The daily newspaper.

– We hope Molde loses everything. We ask CAS to suspend Molde from signing players for two years, says Abidjan City’s president Marco Né to Dagbladet.

josimar discussed the matter on Thursday.

Abidjan City sent the case to the International Football Association (FIFA) almost two years ago.

Molde believes that Fofana was without a contract when they brought him in. The Ivorian club claims that the player was then under contract with them.

Fofana was recently sold to Chelsea.

– We have fought for two years for this case. People think that it has come on the agenda only because Fofana has gone to Chelsea. That is not true, this case has been going on for a long time. First via the association, then in Fifa, before it is now in CAS, says Né to the Norwegian newspaper.

Stavrum confirms to Dagbladet that there is an ongoing dispute in CAS.

– Molde and the player have full confidence in their position, but will not comment further until the matter is resolved. However, we can confirm that the dispute does not concern Chelsea and has no impact on the transfer of Datro Fofana from Molde FK to Chelsea, writes the Molde top.


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