Moderna Vaccine Effective Against New Corona Virus Variants – Researchers at Duke say at least one of several the Covid-19 vaccine effective against a new variant of the corona virus. They also found the Moderna vaccine could provide protection against the fast-spreading mutation of the California corona virus.

Scientists are also testing the Novavax vaccine, which has been shown to work against a new variant of the Covid-19 corona virus but has not been approved for general use.

Meanwhile, researchers did not participate in testing the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. However, this Pfizer vaccine uses the same technology as the Moderna vaccine, so researchers believe this vaccine is as effective as the Moderna vaccine.

“This new variant of the California corona virus is unlikely to be a problem for the Covid-19 vaccine. So is the British variant of the corona virus. The two variants of the corona virus are most common in the United States. So, the picture looks very clear,” said Dr. David Montefiori, an expert. virus at Duke quoted from Wavy.

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Dr David Montefiori also said a new variant of the South African corona virus was also of great concern at this time, in addition to the British corona virus variant.

Covid-19 vaccine illustration (unsplash / @ hakannural)

However, only 29 cases of the new variant of the South African corona virus were found in North Carolina. So that only a few samples of the mutation of the corona virus were actually analyzed, as a result the numbers were getting bigger.

“This virus changes quite quickly and often,” said Dr. David Montefiori.

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Because of this, it’s important to vaccinate the majority of people. Public health officials say the more people get vaccinated, the less chance the new variant will spread.

“So it is unlikely that other variants of the corona virus will appear and make the problem bigger,” he explained.

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