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Misuse of digital signatures: Saudi to punish severely

Jeddah: Those who misuse digital signatures used by the government in the private sector in Saudi will face severe punishment. The punishment is imprisonment up to 5 years and a fine of 50 lakh Riyals. Public Prosecution warns against misuse of electronic signatures and documents

The Public Prosecution clarified that forging digital documents such as electronic signatures and certificates is a crime punishable with severe punishment. Using such documents knowing them to be false is an offense punishable similarly. The punishment for such violations is imprisonment of up to 5 years and a fine of up to 50 lakh Riyals.

Also the equipment, computers and programs used to forge documents will be confiscated and the crime will be publicized at the expense of the accused. All violations related to forged electronic documents are capital offenses requiring arrest.

The Public Prosecution also stated that the country has strong legal systems to prevent crime in electronic transactions. Public Prosecution’s warning comes at a time when various government services and others are changing to digital format as part of the digital transformation going on in the country.

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