Miscellaneous – Justice | Accident at the Guinglange crossroads: the motorist died

Monday September 14, at the end of the afternoon, a motorist was traveling on the D19 towards Fouligny, when a collision took place at the Guinglange crossroads involving another car and a truck. If the drivers of the other two vehicles escaped unscathed, a young man of 29, from Epinal in the Vosges, was seriously injured and had to be evacuated urgently by helicopter to the CHRU Hôpital central de Nancy. He did not survive his injuries. He died this Tuesday, September 15 at the end of the afternoon.

Dangerous crossroads

The Boulay gendarmerie company is responsible for shedding light on the causes of this terrible accident. Recklessness? Failure to respect the cede-the-way? Excessive speed? Only the investigation and the testimonies will provide an answer. According to the inhabitants of Guinglange, this crossroads serving Fouligny, Elvange, Basse-Vigneulles is regularly the scene of clashes or even more serious accidents. The Departmental Council is not insensitive to it. In 2006, a vast project was undertaken to create and secure this intersection serving several municipal roads. And, last July, at the request of the mayor of Guinglange, speed limit signs to 70 km / h were planted on this stretch of road.

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