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MIRROR Members Jer and Jeremy Shine on The First Take, Becoming a Hot Topic on YouTube

MIRROR members Liu Yingting (Jer) and Li Junjie (Jeremy) boarded the Japanese YouTube music channel “The First Take”, filming a one-shot performance in a one-shot manner, and sang “When the Human Stars Shine”. The two are also the second time after Chen Baiyu that a Hong Kong singer has appeared on The First Take channel, and within a day of being on the channel, they have already become the number one hot topic on YouTube. However, Hong Kong netizens had mixed reactions to the appearance of MIRROR members on The First Take. Fans praised Jer and Jeremy for their good performance and raised their eyebrows.

[Click to see MIRROR Double Jer on The First Take]:

The First Take was founded in 2019 as a YouTube music channel owned by Japan’s Sony Music. At first, the channel only had its artists perform. Later, it began to invite young singers, and then slowly expanded its scale. In 2020, Korean boy group Stray Kid became the first foreign performer, followed by Canadian queen Avril Lavigne, British singer Harry Styles, and even American cartoon characters Elmo, Julia and Cookie Monster from Sesame Street. Appear. The first Chinese singer to appear on The First Take was mainland female idol Su Ruiqi who debuted in Japan in February last year. Later, Taiwanese singer Wei Li’an and Hong Kong’s Chen Baiyu also appeared on The First Take.

The entire channel video of The First Take takes one shot to the end, all performances are recorded only once, and no post-processing is done, so it is definitely a big challenge for the singer. Although singers will always choose their favorite songs to perform, there have also been mistakes. Female singers もっさ and Taniguchi Tuna performed “Fantasy”, and there was a situation where they forgot their words and laughed. Wei Li’an also said that there were mistakes during the performance. middle. In addition, Avril Lavigne was also accused by netizens of speculating in The First Take.

At present, there are more than 7.8 million subscribers. The most clicked video is “Cat” by Japanese singer Takumi Kitamura. The clip has been uploaded for 3 years and has exceeded 200 million hits. It is followed by “Towards” by the popular Japanese group YOASOBI in recent years. “Running at Night” and LiSA’s “Red Lotus” have also surpassed 130 million hits. This time MIRROR’s Jer and Jeremy stepped on the stage of The First Take. After Chen Bo, there are definitely singers who won glory for Hong Kong and successfully broke out of Hong Kong. They are one step closer to the number one in Asia.

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