Miriana Trevisan and Biagio D’Anelli together under the covers / New flirtation at GF Vip?

Strange movements those noticed by some viewers of the Big Brother Vip in the last few hours. On Monday, three new competitors entered the House and immediately enlivened the situation. Among these there is Biagio D’Anelli, who has already started making first friendships. What was striking, however, was a video that circulates on the web and dates back to this morning. In this, two people, initially unknown, almost seem to be cuddling under the covers.

The two are very close and appear to be face to face. Shortly afterwards the blanket moves and you can see the face of Miriana Trevisan. Just wait a little longer to see that of Biagio D’Anelli too. The two are very close and there are those who, seeing the images, immediately ventured a possible flirtation.

Miriana Trevisan and Biagio D’Anelli, flirting with Big Brother Vip

That a flirtation is emerging between Miriana Trevisan and Biagio D’Anelli at Big Brother Vip? After her approach to Nicola Pisu, finished between disputes and accusations, there seems to be an interest in the columnist. There are those on the web who point out that in the House there are already those who speak of interest: “Yesterday the princesses talking to themselves said that there was mutual interest”, and who emphasizes that “The two look at each other in particular, in my opinion it is clear that there is an interest ”. However, there are those who speak of a simple joking gesture: “They were joking under the covers, and in any case they covered themselves from the light because they wanted to sleep”. Certainly Signorini will try to shed some light on the matter.

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