Mint Vero Volley Monza defeats Itas Trentino 3-2 in Del Monte Italian Cup semi-final

news">Casalecchio di Reno (Bologna), 27 January 2024

news">Del Monte® Italian Cup, semi-final: Itas Trentino-Mint Monza 2-3

The first semi-final of the Del Monte® Coppa Italia 2024 ended at the Unipol Arena. This is the score:

Itas Trentino-Mint Vero Volley Monza 2-3
(25-23, 13-25, 25-23, 23-25, 9-15)
ITAS TRENTINO: Podrascanin 5, Sbertoli 1, Lavia 17, Kozamernik 8, Rychlicki 21, Michieletto 13, Laurenzano (L); D’Heer, Acquarone, Magalini 5. Ne Nelli, Cavuto, Pace, Berger. Coach Fabio Soli.
MINT VERO VOLLEY: Loeppky 21, Di Martino 10, Szwarc 16, Maar 21, Galassi 16, Kreling 2, Gaggini (L); Frascio, Mujanovic, Visic. In Comparoni, Morazzini, Beretta. Coach Massimo Eccheli.
REFEREES: Vagni of Perugia and Cerra of Bologna.
DURABLE SET: 26′, 22′, 28′, 29′, 14′; tot 1h e 59′.
NOTE: Itas Trentino: 13 blocks, 3 aces, 9 serving errors, 14 action errors, 40% in attack, 45% (20%) in reception. Mint Vero Volley: 11 blocks, 6 aces, 16 serving errors, 5 action errors, 50% in attack, 51% (18%) in reception.

The match report. In the starting six the only curiosity is linked to the Monza line-up, which has to do without Takahashi (an ankle problem suffered on Wednesday evening in the championship match against Verona), replaced in place 4 by Loeppky who together with Maar and Szwarc therefore goes to form an all-Canadian high ball trio for the Mint. The rest of the Brianza lineup includes Kreling at setter, Galassi and Di Martino at center, Gaggini libero. Itas Trentino can instead confirm the usual structure: Sbertoli as director, Rychliki as opposite, Lavia and Michieletto as spikers, Podrascanin and Kozamernik as central defenders, Laurenzano as libero. The start of the Italian Champions is very determined thanks to a starting point from Lavia (attack and block) and the opponents’ foul play between attack and serve (5-2); Maar shakes him and signs the counter break which allows Mint to equalize the score already at six. Michieletto (ace and pipe) offers a new starting point that Eccheli’s team sews up with Di Martino’s block (two on Rychlicki for 9-9). Subsequently, the two teams continued the contest, alternating in command until Galassi scored the +2 (14-16). Trento reacts immediately with Michieletto (17-16), but then suffers a new break with Maar at 21-23. In the most difficult moment, Itas Trentino found the edge it had been looking for for some time: Lavia placed the ace on serve which made it 23-23, then two consecutive blocks from Rychlicki to Maar closed the score at 25- 23.
Trento’s difficulties in taming the match as they would like continue even more evidently at the start of the third set, in which Loeppky puts the yellow-blue reception on fire, inspiring the first escape attempt (5-10). The Italian Champions try to react by improving their percentages during the ball exchange phase, but without being able to get closer (9-14 and 12-16) because on the other hand Mint offers little room for direct errors and indeed in the final they spread with the yellow-blues who put together many inaccuracies (from 13-18 to 13-25) with Maar from the nine meter line to the end.
Itas Trentino tries to turn the page together with the change of court, starting again from a point-to-point contest that lasts until 8-8 in the third set. Monza accelerates with Maar, forcing Soli to alternate Michieletto with Magalini; the entry of the Scaliger hammer is positive and immediately guarantees parity at ten. Subsequently, the two teams proceed arm in arm until Magalini offers a new opportunity (block on Szwarc for 17-15), then Rychlicki sets the score at +3 (19-16), forcing Mint to interrupt the game . At the restart Galassi and Maar bring the situation back together (19-19); in the sprint Trento still has the upper hand thanks to Podrascanin’s block and Rychlicki’s counterattack which guarantee three set points at 24-21. On the third occasion (Loeppky’s serving error), the score was 2-1.
Riding the wave of enthusiasm, Trento also made a good impact in the fourth set, taking advantage of Lavia and Rychlicki’s scoring streak (8-5). The yellow-blues try to escape with conviction (12-8), but Loeppky catches them up to 12-11; he serves another break and it comes from Lavia’s block and Rychlicki’s attack (15-11). Itas Trentino marches at full speed until 21-17, then Galassi’s ace and Rychlicki’s errors at the net revive their opponents who draw at 23 points and gain the tie break thanks to two abundant attacks from the same yellow-blue opposite team ( 23-25).
The fifth set quickly turns into a nightmare for the yellow-blues, who hold the field until 4-5, before leaving room for the Brianza players to play high, capable of exalting themselves between blocking and defense (6-10) and in the counterattack. Trento becomes even more nervous, makes mistakes in serving and attacking and leaves the field at 9-15 after a serve on the net by Lavia.

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