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Ministry of Health Public Projects Vaccination Campaign Against HPV and Other Diseases in Dominican Republic

He Ministry of Health Public projects vaccinera 300 thousand girls between the ages of 9 and 14 against the Virus of the Papilloma Human (HPV), mainly responsible for cervical cancerthe second highest incidence among the Dominican female population, surpassed only by breast cancer.

This was revealed by the director of Immunoprevenibles by Vaccines (DIV), Aída Lucía Vargas (Luchy), who said that “by 2030, it is estimated that 90% of the population in the aforementioned ages will have to have the immunity required against this disease, which has a high incidence and as a result of which 500 to 550 deaths every year”.

A single dose

Likewise, he reported that due to recommendations of the Group Technician Advisor to the Pan American Organization of the Health (PAHO/WHO) only one dose of the aforementioned will be applied vaccinesince according to tests carried out by laboratories that produce it, the vaccine used in the country generates the immunityeffectiveness and protection over time against the causative virus.

The old scheme contemplated a first dose and a booster after six months.

Vargas guaranteed that it is a vaccine “completely segura”, which is used in 134 countries.

Ask parents for support

The expert in vaccines asked the parents authorize the placement of the biological when days are held in educational centers. It will also be applied in fixed and mobile positions of vaccinetionshopping plazas and sports fields.

“Yesterday began the distribution the level national to start the day now,” he concluded.

HIV and smallpox mono

While the doctor Monica Thormandirector of the Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) Control Division and Virus of Human Immunodeficiency (HIV) and Hepatitis (Digecitss), reported that through the strategies developed it has been possible to reduce the risk of new infections by 7 percent. HIV in the country.

“In the Dominican Republic 51,506 personas receive treatment and comprehensive care against HIV in the 89 available control units, and, this year, an investment of about 16.5 million dollars has been made in these prevention actions and to ensure that these medications are not lacking,” he declared during the weekly meeting with the press.

On smallpox simicaThormann said that this year no cases have been reported in the country, and that a total of 410 doses of vaccines against this disease, to the population at risk.

Worldwide, in 2022, 88,144 infections of smallpox of the mono, as the disease is also known. During the outbreak that same year, authorities of Health Public They registered 47 cases in the Dominican Republic.

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