Minister wants quarantine obligation: ‘Sit with your ass on the couch when the GGD says so’

In The Hague, in addition to a duty of masking, hard work is also being done on a quarantine obligation. What that duty will look like is not yet clear. But what is clear is that something must be done about the fact that some Dutch people do not go into quarantine if they are (possibly) infected, or if they have symptoms that can be related to corona.

Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) says in an interview with AT5 to look at how a quarantine obligation can be made legally simpler. ‘If you have tested positive, or you have been in contact with someone who was positive and the GGD says, “Sit with your butt on the couch”, then you just sit with your butt on the couch. We are therefore not going to discuss this and say: “We understand that it is very difficult”. You just have to do that. ‘

Yet such a duty is already possible. On the basis of the Public Health Act, Mayor Halsema can designate people who are obliged to be quarantined. But Anniek de Ruijter, lecturer in European law at the UvA, says that imposing a duty under that law is cumbersome. ‘You have to make a personal decision for all people and then you have to visit all those people at home and there is of course just a lack of capacity.’

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