Minister: The new tactic in the fight against Covid-19 is local restrictions – in Latvia – News

Vinkele estimated that the current growth rates of Covid-19 in Latvia look dramatic, but it should be taken into account that this increase is from a low morbidity level. According to the minister, “there is no reason to panic”, but we should not relax either.

According to her, the current situation is significantly different from the spring, because then there was not so much information about Covid-19, but now, knowing more, it is not necessary to take the same drastic steps in setting restrictions. Currently, restrictions are divided into local responsibilities, for example, by setting restrictions in individual schools or municipalities, the Minister explained.

She thinks that when introducing penalties for violations of restrictions, it is necessary to be delicate – warnings should be issued first and only then should penalties be imposed.

The politician said that when choosing tactics in the fight against Covid-19, learning from the mistakes of spring, for example, she is now convinced that a compensation mechanism must stand against every restriction. For example, if it is decided to switch widely to home schooling again, compensatory mechanisms should be provided for parents who would be forced to stay at home with their children.

It has already been reported that the increase in the incidence of Covid-19 in Latvia is still the fastest in the European Union (EU), however, the incidence rate is still one of the lowest, Jurijs Perevoščikovs

According to the epidemiologist, the increase in morbidity over the last week has been 175%, compared to the EU average of 24%.

In Lithuania, the increase during the week was 9%, but in Estonia – 2%.


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