Minister Kaag will travel to the Afghanistan region next week | Inland

A spokesperson for Kaag’s ministry does not want to say which country the minister is going to and what exactly she will be doing there. Evacuations from Afghanistan, where the extremist Taliban have taken power, were halted last week. It is believed that many hundreds of people remained in the country who the Netherlands had wanted to evacuate.

This concerns, for example, people with a Dutch passport who were unable to leave in time. Interpreters and other people who have worked in the Dutch service in recent years are also in detention, and who may therefore have to fear the new rulers.

Rutte further reports that he has discussed the current situation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. He has agreed with her that the Netherlands and Germany, together with the United Kingdom and other countries, want to have a ‘presence’ in Afghanistan again as soon as possible. That depends on “the political and security situation.”


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