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Minecraft generated profits in 2020 of more than a billion dollars

Minecraft has garnered endless achievements since its launch several years ago in reality, the game of Mojang went through a rather curious process in which Microsoft bought both the IP and the studio being one of the main teams of Xbox Game Studios from the beginning.

The game is a success by all accounts, but, thanks to an update in the Linkedin profile of Austin Joseph who is a marketing manager at Xbox, we know that in 2020 the IP genre earnings of at least 1.1 billion dollars and so far, the game has sold an impressive amount of 200 million copies.

Minecraft still has big plans for its future

They are really impressive figures considering that we are talking about a game with official release date in 2011 that is to say, it will soon be 10 years since the game arrived on PC and from then until now, it continues to generate a large amount of money for Microsoft.

It should be noted that these millions of copies are distributed among the many versions of the game for all platforms, that is, Minecraft on Nintendo consoles, PlayStation, mobiles, PC and clearly Xbox consoles, in addition to that, the profits have their reason to be, apparently in 2020, players spent more on products from the same in-game store. We recommend that you keep an eye on Generation Xbox for more news.

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