Mine detonated on an oil tanker off the coast of Saudi Arabia

A mine on an oil tanker in the Red Sea has exploded off the coast of Saudi Arabia. The blast has damaged the Agrari, which flies the Maltese flag, Greek shipping company TMS Tankers confirmed on Wednesday.

The explosion occurred at the port of an al-Shuqaiq power plant, according to British security firm Ambrey. The hull of the tanker, which was in port without cargo, was damaged.

There were no casualties, according to the shipping company. The water was also not polluted. The tanker was hit one meter above the waterline and is “stable”. Saudi government representatives, including the Coast Guard, boarded and began an investigation.

Hoethi rebels

The military coalition led by Saudi Arabia upheld the attack and held the Shia Hoethi rebels indirectly responsible. The explosion caused limited damage to the Agrari one meter above the water surface, the coalition said according to the TV channel Al-ArabiJa.

The coalition, which is fighting the Hoethis in Yemen, after the “terrorist attempt” destroyed a boat on the Red Sea that was loaded with explosives. The rebel-backed attacks by Iran would threaten international shipping and world trade.

The Hoethi rebels continue to attack targets in Saudi Arabia from neighboring Yemen. On Monday, the Hoethis fired a cruise missile at an installation of the state oil company Aramco in Jeddah.


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