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Coming out of Rockstar with experience as a GTA producer in the past, the ambition of a Leslie Benzies with his new studio – Build a Rocket Boy is indeed insane. About six years ago, they announced a first project called “EVERYWHERE” which is said to be large in scale and capable of facilitating so many things in it. So mysterious that a teaser was launched last year, we finally have a clearer picture of what EVERYWHERE wants to offer. Which are interesting? It may not be what you imagine.

The first information about EVERYWHERE finally came out of Eurogamer’s preview. EVERYWHERE itself turns out to be a hub containing avatars a la Ready Player One and Playstation Home where players will be able to enjoy a super wide 3D space which is also decorated with various biomes in it. Via this hub, gamers can access various mini-games made by other players using the Unreal Engine and Build a Rocket Boy’s more friendly tools. Of course, the most accessed games will have their own list of popularity.

Mindseye everywhere
EVERYWHERE will load AAA class games – MindsEye in it.

In EVERYWHERE, Build a Rocket Boy will prepare an “exclusive” game with class AAA called MindsEye. Through a teaser, you can see the action side and the futuristic theme that he is carrying, which is planned to be released in an episodic format in the future. Although it is not yet known whether EVERYWHERE will be distributed free to play or paid, it is certain that all gamers who own it will be able to enjoy MindsEye in the future. Benzies even has the ambition to make the MindsEye concoction tool accessible to EVERYWHERE players to make immersive cinematic games at the same quality.

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EVERYWHERE itself is planned to be released in 2023, still without a definite date, for the PC first with the console version following after. What do you think? Interesting concept?

Source: Eurogamer

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