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Mikael Collan resigned – 2024-05-13 23:59:39

The director general of the State Economic Research Center resigned from his post. The position will open for applications at a later date.

Mikael Collan resigns from his position as CEO about a year and a half before the end of his five-year term. State Economic Research Center

General director of VATT, the state economic research center Mikael Collan resigned from his position.

Collan has led VATT since 2021, a total of about three and a half years. There would have been about a year and a half left of his five-year term.

The position of VATT’s CEO will be open for applications at a time to be announced later, and the Ministry of Finance is responsible for recruiting the CEO.

During the coming summer, VATT will operate in accordance with normal placement practices. Collan’s deputy is the director of research, a doctor of political science Tuulia Hakola-Uusitalo.

Happy with the changes

At the beginning of August, Collan will return to the position of professor of strategic finance at LUT University of Lappeenranta. He has been on leave from that position.

Collan says in the press release that he is satisfied with the changes that have been made at VATT during his term.

– During the last three years, we have developed the operation of the research institute in a significant way, says Collan in the press release.

Collan describes that during his term VATT’s strategy has been updated, the agency’s operating instructions have been almost completely renewed, information system reforms have been implemented and archives have been digitized. Operations have also been expanded with a data room unit.

Collan says in the press release that he sees VATT’s future as positive – despite the government’s austerity program.

– The development of cooperation across state sector boundaries and the continuous monitoring of the relevance and timeliness of research activities are important. Here too, Datahuone opens doors in a new way.

VATT’s Dataroom has just received long-term funding in the public finance plan.

The agency employs approximately 60 people, most of whom are PhD-level researchers.

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