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Métropole de Montpellier: access to urgent care will be guaranteed this summer

Despite the great fatigue of the staff and the increase in attendance in the summer period, the coordination of all the players in the territory should make it possible to cross the course.

This is a beautiful family photo offered by the health actors of the metropolis of Montpellier to prove that access to urgent care in the Metropolis of Montpellier will be ensured.

Around Pr Xavier Capdevila and General Eric Florès, General of Sdis de l’Hérault, the directors of the Beau Soleil, Saint-Jean, Millénaire, Saint-Roch clinics and the Clinipole group… all these emergency specialists came to say that they were ready. “Even if the health crisis has put caregivers in pain, we will be there, in a coordinated way but also sectored as best as possible”promet le Pr Capdevila. “We can be jostled but the cooperation, the solidarity between actors is unique on our territory”, welcomes Laurent Ramon, CEO of the Cap Santé group. The director of care of the Saint-Roch clinic Sandrine Fabre abounds: “We can, depending on our specialties, pass patients from one establishment to another”.

Emergencies are not automatic

But to get through the summer, it will be necessary to get the message across to the general public: “Emergencies are like antibiotics, it’s not automatic”, illustrates Xavier Capdevila. Avoid overloading services unnecessarily.

“Our objective is to cap the number of passages”, notes François Bérard, deputy director general of the Montpellier University Hospital. By filtering through the regulation of a doctor from the center 15. That of Vailhauquès is “champion of France in number of calls”recalls Dr. Hakim Saïd, also responsible for Smur. In five years, the number of calls has increased from 450,000 per year to more than 600,000. When a normal month has 38,000 calls, we can exceed 70,000 in July and August in an area that sees its population double in the summer. “We have 13 emergency centers on the Hérault but also care homes during the day and medical homes at night. We can also rely on the professional territorial health communities (CPTS)”notes Professor Capdevila.

Firefighters in high demand

And if the emergency rooms are saturated “our vehicles are blocked, recalls General Eric Florès. However, we have had to deal with 400 fire starts since the beginning of June. Normally, we do 170 interventions a day but last Thursday, we did 350″. But the numbers of firefighters, like those of doctors and nurses, are not more expandable. “We’re going to hold on, we don’t have a hole in our schedules because we avoided scheduling surgery during the summer, we anticipated”underlines Dr. Abbal, of the Millenium clinic.

In any case, if in doubt, it is better to make a call to 15 before coming to clog an emergency service where the wait can go beyond 5 hours. On good terms…

Retired doctors as reinforcements

To cope with the tensions of the summer period, ARS Occitanie calls on voluntary retired doctors to provide replacements from 1is august. In particular to deal with the difficulties that many general practitioners encounter in finding replacements. This concerns all of Occitania and is organized by the ARS, the URPS doctors, the Order of doctors and the federation of support systems (FACS Occitanie).

A way also to take up a collective challenge in the continuity of care throughout the summer. According to Alexandre Pascal, director of ARS Hérault, the first voluntary retired doctors have been recruited. If you are concerned and interested, you can write an email to: [email protected]

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