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Meta Expands Parental Control Options in Messenger and Instagram Services

At the beginning of the week, the company “Meta” announced that it is expanding parental control options in its “Messenger” and “Instagram” services. The new tools give parents the ability to see how much time their 13- to 18-year-old spends on Messenger, as well as gain more insight into how well the child knows the people they follow on Instagram and who follow them.

Meta explains that parents can now check their child’s Messenger contact list through the Meta Family Center, as well as keep up to date with privacy and security settings. Parents will also receive a notification when their child reports someone on Messenger if the feature is activated. Parents can also see a list of people who can and cannot contact their child through Messenger.


On Instagram, these parental controls are similar. Parents can find out who their child is following and who is following them. This can help determine if the offspring communicates with strangers.

Source: Meta Source: Meta

The new features will initially be available in the US, Canada and the UK as usual. In the coming months, they are planned to be activated in other places as well.

In addition to these features, Meta is testing a new security tool in the Instagram app. Soon, if a user wants to send a message to someone who is not following them in the app, they will have to ask for the user’s approval for the communication. A similar function has been active in “Messenger” for quite some time.

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