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Meta Announces New Policy to Limit Recommendations for Political Content on Instagram and Threads

Meta, the company that oversees social media Instagram and Threads, announced a new policy that will limit recommendations for political content from accounts that users do not follow.

“Our goal is to preserve people’s ability to choose to interact with political content, while respecting each person’s taste for it,” said Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, as quoted by Between on Saturday (10/2/2024).

He explained that the new policy would be implemented in the next few weeks. Users who still want to see recommendations for political content can disable the restriction feature in their account settings.

Political content display restrictions apply to public accounts if enabled by the user, and the feature limits political content from being displayed on ExploreReels, In-Feed Recommendationsand Suggested Users.

This restriction will not apply if the uploaded content comes from an account that the user follows so that the account can still upload political content in the Feed and Stories.

Meta explains that professional accounts on Instagram can use the feature Account Status to check the appropriateness of the content, to be recommended if you have previously uploaded political content. On Account Statusaccount owners can edit, delete, withhold uploading content, and submit a review if they disagree with Meta’s decision.

This policy is part of Meta’s efforts to distance itself from matters related to news and politics in recent years. In 2022, Facebook found that less than 3 percent of the content its users viewed in the United States was related to politics.

Mosseri also previously said that political content would be limited on Threads or Instagram because the limited engagement it generated was not worth the negative impact the platform would receive. (ant/ike/saf)

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