‘Messi will play in the next World Cup’; The Argentine legend told him so

Argentine Lionel Messi, who won the World Cup in Qatar, looks forward to seeing how long he will continue in international football. After Fenel, Messi entered the scene announcing that he would not retire from the Argentina national team. Former Argentina legend Jorge Valdano has hinted that Messi could play in the 2026 World Cup.

“I did an interview with him before the World Cup. When the camera was off, Messi said he would play in his fifth World Cup and no footballer has ever played in a sixth. Also, Messi said that if he becomes the world champion will once again wear the Argentina shirt until the next World Cup. We’ll see if Messi can do it” Valdano said.

Argentina clinched their third World Cup title in the World Cup Final on penalties. Against Argentina, who led by two goals in the first half, France regained it by scoring two goals in the second half. Argentina’s two goals were in the first half. Messi and Di Maria scored the goals for the Albiceleste. Both teams each scored two goals and the match went into extra time. Superstar Mbappe scored twice to put France back in the game.

Mbappé gave France a breath of life by scoring an 80th-minute penalty and a brilliant finish in the 81st minute. The French attack came at a time when Argentine supporters were confident they had won the match. In the second half of extra time, Messiha’s goal saw Argentina rise again. After that, France equalized again with a goal from Mbappé. In the penalty shootout, Argentina scored goals.

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STORY HIGHLIGHTS: Jorge Valdano says Messi will keep Argentina shirt for record sixth World Cup

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