Merkel: No country in the Western Balkans is ready for EU membership

Angela Merkel PHOTO: Reuters

It turned out that there is a discrepancy in the positions of Germany and France on the topic of accession of the countries of the Western Balkans to the EU. During the summit in Slovenia, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that none of the countries in the region is ready for EU membership and Brussels should not commit to a specific date, BNR reports.

“No, I did not support this proposal because I do not think it will be useful. Montenegro has already opened many negotiating chapters and may be ready very soon. So I can say to Montenegro – your date is also before 2030 “I really don’t believe in setting dates. I believe in fulfilling our promises. Once the conditions are met, accession can become a reality. So far, this has not been possible, as neither side has fully met the conditions.”

A more optimistic tone was demonstrated by French President Emmanuel Macron during the summit. He called for a short-term European perspective for the countries of the Western Balkans. Macron emphasized that these countries must be shown that they are part of the heart of Europe, which deserves investment, trade and eventual membership in the Bloc.



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