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Merkel is retiring from politics

Angela Merkel PHOTO: Reuters

Acting German Chancellor Angela Merkel has confirmed that she no longer intends to engage in politics after leaving office. She stated this today in an interview with Deutsche Welle, BNR reported.

“As for what I will do … I will no longer be involved in politics,” Merkel said. “I have already said that I will rest for a while first, and then we will see what comes to my mind,” she said, noting that she would alternate between “reading and sleeping.”

“I think other plans will come later. It’s just that over the years I’ve been completely focused on the program I’ve been assigned, and I’ve always had to be vigilant,” said the acting chancellor. According to her, “one of the tasks of the head of government is to react immediately if something happens.” “And now I will see what I would like to do. This will become clear only in a few months,” Merkel added. She acknowledged that “this is one of her last interviews” as head of government.

“Of course, I will be a little sad, because my work has always been and still is a pleasure,” Merkel said.

At the same time, she said she must “remain diligent until her last day in office”. Merkel also admitted that there are people who are not very happy with her policy.

The acting chancellor emphasized that in negotiations, including with the heads of government of friendly countries, she had always acted in the interests of Germany.

“But what unites us, of course, is our common value system, our common vision of democracy. But I also want to say that if someone has a completely different view of the world, we still have to listen to each other. Because if we do not listen to each other, we will not be able to find solutions, “Merkel stressed.

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