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Mercedes G63 4×4² G-Class 2023: Specifications, Price, and Advantages

Al-Marsad newspaper: Abdul Rahman Al-Khalidi, a specialist in the field of cars, revealed the specifications and price of the Mercedes G63 4×4² G-Class, model 2023.

Engine power

Al-Khalidi said that the car operates on a four-wheel drive system, and is equipped with an iron support from the back, to absorb shocks, and prevent small cars from entering under it in the event of an accident, and carbon fiber.

the price

He added, in a video clip on his Twitter account, that the size of the car’s rims is 22, with a rim width of 325 and a height of 55, while its price is approximately 2,200,000 riyals.

Advantages of the car

The car comes with carbon pillars, and works with the classic entry system, and its interior specifications are the same as the regular G-Class specifications, other than the outside mirrors are wider, and high lighting in the ceiling is the same as the transport trucks.

He added that the interior mirrors have a wider vision system, a luxury clock, a seat ventilation system, blind spots, an interior screen, and other regular G-class specifications.

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