Mélanie Viatoux, director of the hospital, appointed knight

The director of the Sarrebourg and Saverne hospitals, the Niderviller / Abreschviller centers and the Sarre-Union nursing home, Mélanie Viatoux, has just been appointed to the National Order of Merit at the rank of knight, under the Ministry of Solidarity and Health, by decree of December 31.

It is a recognition of the Nation of all the work carried out for all the staff

This promotion contains a long list of health professionals active throughout the national territory, strongly mobilized since March against the coronavirus pandemic. “It is the recognition of a year of struggle and renouncements because devoted to the health crisis within the four establishments”, retains Mélanie Viatoux. She says she is very touched by the messages received since her appointment was officially communicated, but also by all the support expressed since the start of the health crisis.

Staff associated with the appointment

Moreover, if the director admits to feeling “a lot of emotion” in a personal capacity, she associates the 2,000 people who work in the establishments that she directs. “I thought deeply for my father, who was a general practitioner,” says Mélanie Viatoux. As well as for my two boys, aged 11 and 13, because since the beginning of this crisis they have been great, they have shown a great sense of responsibility while I was constantly mobilized. They understood the importance and gravity of the situation and by their behavior, they made things easier for me. “

However, Mélanie Viatoux intends to celebrate with her employees, whose importance she constantly emphasizes. “It is recognition from the Nation of all the work done for all the staff and I share it with the teams who demonstrate remarkable commitment. However, the crisis is not over, the festive part is postponed for the moment. “We are all very active, inside and outside the hospital,” says Mélanie Viatoux. This commitment to the service of others is reinforced, it is an encouragement to continue our efforts. “

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