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Medics sound the alarm: septicemia is common with corona infection

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That is why sepsis experts from various hospitals have set up the foundation together with former patients on behalf of the Ministry of Health SepsisNet Netherlands established.

Shortness of breath due to blood poisoning

Sepsis is also called blood poisoning: it is a seriously disrupted immune response of your body to a pathogen such as a virus or bacteria. This response reduces the function of your organs.

In the Netherlands, approximately 35,000 (!) Patients contract sepsis every year. About 10,000 patients end up in intensive care. Those who heal will still have physical and mental complaints for a while, which can even cause some of the patients to die. For example, shortness of breath and concentration problems are common, and the chance of a new infection is also much greater.

Most risk

According to intensivist Peter Pickkers of the Radboudumc in Nijmegen, many patients do not recognize the symptoms of sepsis, while rapid treatment is essential. “The condition causes more deaths per year than breast cancer, prostate cancer and traffic accidents combined.”

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“Anyone with an infection should therefore be aware of rapid breathing or heart rate, abnormal temperature, confusion or drowsiness together with a severe feeling of flu.” Babies and young children, the elderly and people with chronic diseases or a reduced immune system are most at risk.

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