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Medhat Saleh reveals his preparation for a song in the language of the Pharaohs


The Egyptian artist, Medhat Saleh, revealed that he was taking lessons to teach the hieroglyphic language, which is the language of the ancient Egyptians, in order to perform a new song that he is preparing for, with the help of an Egyptian archaeologist.

Medhat Saleh published a picture of him accompanied by his teacher on his official Facebook page and commented on it: “Dr. Maysara Abdullah, one of the greatest archaeologists in Egypt, is my teacher who will teach me to sing in the language of my ancient Egyptian ancestors… a dream I seek to achieve.”

The Egyptian artist’s announcement was very well received by his followers on Facebook, who were very enthusiastic about listening to this song.

And the artist, Medhat Saleh, responded to his accusation of stealing a foreign song, saying: “Yes, I sang it, and the song belongs to the singer Frank Sinatra, but I Egyptianized it, and I am the 52nd singer in the world who returned this song.”

Saleh said during a television interview: “The rights of the song are reserved to the original owner of the song, but there are fifty-one singers who did it before me, and I am the number fifty-two, and this is not a rumor, this is an acquired literary right.”

And the Egyptian artist added: “We knew that we were presenting the need for property rights with it, not ours, but I liked the work, as many nationalities loved it and presented it in the language of their country, and when the song was presented, I explained all these details to the audience.”

He continued: “I presented it 12 years ago, and I don’t know who presented it after me. I did not infringe on his property rights. I redistributed it and insisted on it in my own language, but any financial rights belong to him directly.”

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