Mbappé overtook Messi, Messi helped him do it. Real has found a new star

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we saw the last round of the Champions League, in which Mbappé reached a new milestone. Real Madrid confirmed once again that it is still not to be underestimated and Atlético Madrid are experiencing a very difficult season with coach Diego Simeone.

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Mbappé has reached a new milestone

Group B culminated in the Champions League in a way that the most prestigious club competition does not remember. The Benfica Lisbon players took care of that, drawing 1: 1 at the Maccabi Haifa stadium in the 59th minute, but having an exceptional final half hour and then overturning the order at the top of the group.

Benfica scored five goals in 30 minutes, won 6: 1 and a rare draw at the top of the group.

When PSG defeated Juventus 2-1 in the second group match, both the French and Portuguese sides scored the same number of 14 points in first and second place. Their overall score was identical (16: 7) and the balance of their matches (both finished 1: 1). The winner of the group was decided by the 7th promotion factor, that is the number of goals scored on the opponent’s fields. Benfica scored three more “away” goals.

At the same time, the players of the Portuguese team had no idea of ​​the hectic final,

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