Mayor turns out to be drunk driver after meeting about drunk drivers | Abroad

Karen Williams had a long evening of local politics and a video meeting with relatives, including Judy Lindsay who lost her daughter Hayley to a drunk driver. It was the first meeting between the two, in which the mayor expressed her condolences. But after the nice words, the mayor went on to a drink, where she looked much too deeply into the glass herself and then got into the car.

“I don’t really know how many drinks I had. I had several drinks over several hours,” she said.

The place where Mayor Williams crashed her car.

The place where Mayor Williams crashed her car.

Apologies aren’t enough for Lindsay. She told local media that she is furious and is demanding that the mayor resign. She blames the mayor for not being taken seriously. Despite this, the mayor is not thinking about resigning, despite growing pressure from citizens, politicians and even parliamentarians. She expresses her ‘deep regret’ and wants to reflect. But according to Lindsay, it just goes to show that the penalties for drink-driving are too slack.

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