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Maximize Your Budget with Long-Term Car Rental: Benefits and How-To’s

The benefits of being able to get in your car and go wherever you want are an essential part of modern lifestyle. It is a feeling of freedom both in everyday life and while relaxing. However, buying and maintaining a car is a significant burden on the budget of a household or company. Can it be reduced by car rental? Read on to find out!

What is a long-term car rental?

Unlike short-term rental, which we mostly use for trips and vacations, long-term car rental is intended for a much longer period – from one month to two years or more. This service is used by both individuals and companies. For example, it is relevant for individuals in situations where the place of residence is temporarily changed or the conditions and needs of movement change. On the other hand, companies rent cars for temporary employees or if there is another need for an additional car.

Long-term car rental – the main advantages

Compared to owning a car, renting a car offers a number of long-term benefits. Let’s summarize the most important of them:

● Fixed monthly payment – ​​its amount is determined by the chosen car, as well as various additional conditions of the contract. However, the good news is that the amount does not change – it is not affected by the increase in interest rates, as is the case when a car is purchased through a bank or other credit institution. This allows you to plan your budget and avoid unexpected cost jumps.

● Minimal expenses related to car technical maintenance – one of the prerequisites for economical driving is always timely maintenance. Since the car belongs to the company offering the rental service, the lessee does not have to take responsibility for changing tires, technical inspections, maintenance and other issues related to car maintenance. All this is done by the car rental company. Full service car rental allows you to avoid unexpected costs, and also provides an opportunity to significantly save time.

● Safety – car rental assumes that OCTA and CASCO are also provided by the rental company, you will also receive 24/7 assistance on the road, as well as, if necessary, a free replacement car. This allows you to feel more secure when going about your daily routine.

● Durability – long-term car rental gives you the opportunity to drive well-maintained and tested cars that are not older than two years. On the other hand, renting a modern hybrid or electric car allows you to drive more environmentally friendly.

So we can conclude that the biggest advantage offered by car rental is stable, predictable monthly expenses related to the car, as well as time saved and reduced stress level. Also, there is no down payment for the car, as is the case with leasing. Car rental also gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to optimize the flow of expenses and simplify asset accounting. However, as already mentioned, long-term car rental for individuals is just as beneficial.

How to get a rental car?

If you are interested in renting a car in the long term, start by choosing a reliable rental company, only after choosing a car model. After all, it will be a cooperation lasting months, maybe even more than a year, so pay attention to the offered conditions, service and car selection.

What you need is a driver’s license – pay attention to the company’s requirements regarding driving experience and the minimum age threshold, if such conditions exist.

The next step is to consider the potential mileage of the car. Car rental companies set a maximum mileage threshold.

Consider that you will have to pay the first month’s rent when you sign the contract. It is important to research what is included in a standard lease and what services are offered for an additional fee. When the contract is concluded, get the car and drive! You will have to take care of daily expenses such as window fluid and fuel or charging, but the rest will be up to the rental company.

Long-term car rental – together with “Avis”
The car rental and full-service leasing company “Avis” has many years of experience in this field, as well as a wide network of rental points around the world. The company’s service “Avis Flex” is a long-term car rental that allows you to enjoy the freedom of mobility, minimizing the care and expenses for car technical maintenance. Contact us to find out how we can help you and what car models we offer!

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