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Mathieu and Cloé’s Epic Kayaking Adventure: Journeying 550 Kilometers to Fight Plastic Pollution in the Oceans

Mathieu and Cloé, two young high school students in Dijon, are preparing for an incredible challenge. Next summer, they will leave Dijon by kayak to reach the Mediterranean Sea. A journey of 550 kilometers in three weeks to fight against the proliferation of plastics in the oceans.

It was in a mathematics class that the idea came. Mathieu and Cloé, two young high school students from the Saint-Bénigne establishment, are in full preparation for an unusual challenge. Reach the Mediterranean Sea from Dijon, with a kayak.

Cloé is taking on this challenge to fight against pollution in the oceans. • © Kayaction

For three weeks, the teenagers will cross the country via the Saône and the Rhône. They will leave the city of Dukes on July 29, 2024, and should arrive in Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône (Bouches du Rhône) on August 18.

A challenge to fight against the proliferation of plastic in the oceans, because Mathieu and Cloé are very concerned by environmental issues. An association “Kayaction” was created especially for the occasion, and jackpots are online to collect donations. The money will go to “The Sea Cleaners”an association that fights against plastic pollution of the oceans.

Mathieu is impatient to begin his long journey. • © Kayaction

However, the two friends have never gone kayaking. “Cloé played football for nine years and climbed for six years. We said to ourselves that it would be an additional challenge. It will be a discovery, but we know that we are capable of it.”

If the departure is several months away, the physical preparation has already begun. “We train twice a week at Lake Kir with a kayak that was lent to us. We also go to the gym three times a week to work on our endurance and resistance.”

Because the challenge will require strength and courage. Mathieu and Cloé will have to row a distance of 550 kilometers. They will not be alone in this challenge, two of their friends accompany them for logistical support (clothing, food, tents). They will be on bikes, with carts that will weigh around 45 kilos.

Two 17-year-olds leaving for three weeks with the aim of reaching the sea, it’s a challenge that can worry more than one parent. This was the case for those around Mathieu and Cloé. “When we told them about our idea, they were surprised and worried. It’s clear that this is not common. Ultimately, they are proud of what we are about to do, because it is a project for others. When we talk about it in the street, we get a lot of positive reactions.”says Mathieu.

It’s something crazy, it makes you want to, and it’s an experience that we will keep with us forever.

The main stakeholders are looking forward to next summer. “There is a little worry. When we started, we didn’t think it required so many resources. But it’s educational and it makes us mature.”

You can find the project in detail and make donations on the site: kayaction.

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