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Mass Effect remastered review: Buy, budget or demolish?

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is something we went crazy with at Gamekings this and last week. And hard too. The three games have been remastered and then re-released under the name: ‘Legendary Edition’. The community has been crying out for this remaster for a long time, but now it’s finally here. Skate and Koos took care of the short review. And also for the pagans among us they answer the above question: Is Mass Effect Legendary Edition worth your hard-earned money or not?

Great status

We don’t have to explain anything new to the players who played Mass Effect at the time of the release. Mass Effect already has great status for them. Something a remaster will obviously not do much about, except that it may make the games even better. Nostalgia also plays a role in this for many of us, so that in the eyes of the fans the Legendary Edition may not be broken in advance. We will not reveal whether Skate (who has played the games before) also thinks that way. But what’s clear is that Koos (who hasn’t played the games before) is certainly surprised. See the Premium review. And that certainly doesn’t happen too often, folks. You can see in this Mass Effect Remastered review whether the games also achieve the grand status that the original has acquired.

The Mass Effect Remastered review: graphic only (?)

Making a remaster isn’t too difficult in some cases. You upgrade the graphics to the present day and if your game was good, that’s about it. At least: you might think so. However, making a good remaster is and remains an art in itself. And the question is whether only the good graphics are needed to make this Mass Effect remaster a success. Skate and Koos will discuss this extensively with each other for the above video. The answer to the Buy, budget box or demolition question can be found above.

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