Marta releases an album and publishes a song with Intars Busuli / Diena

“It’s about courage – the courage to be myself, the courage to be open, the courage to say the real ‘yes’ and the real ‘no’. I’ve always had a lot of questions in my head. both against the listeners and against herself, “says Marta about the album.

The album includes six unheard tracks, including a duo with Intars Busuli (The world will wait) as well as groups bet bet songs Knock cover version alongside three previously released singles (Drama, Again You, You’re Not Everything). In addition, a small improvisation by Martha’s daughter Greta adds to the list of compositions.

Both electronic music artist Kashuks participated in the production of the album (Knocking, Superman)and musician Dmitry Tarasov (The world will wait), but most of the song production, voice recording, as well as mixing and mastering work was done by DJ Rudd.

“The first albums are always special. I’m glad I was able to be a part of this album and watch Martha’s growth as both a songwriter and a performer,” admits the producer.

The presentation event of the new album was led by Toms Grēviņš, and musicians Jānis Miltiņš, Dmitrijs Tarasovs and Kaspars Grigalis performed together with Marta. A special surprise for the concert visitors was Intars Busulis, who joined the artists on stage to perform the album’s latest single – a duet The world will wait earning a storm of applause from those present.

The album was created with the financial support of the State Cultural Capital Fund and is available on the most common music streaming sites.


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