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Mark Zuckerberg celebrates July 4 on ‘hoverboard’ with American…

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg wished his compatriots a happy national holiday on Sunday in his own way: with an awkward video. In it, he surfs on a floating ‘hydrofoil’ board with a waving American flag in his hands. And that to the tunes of ‘Take me home, country roads’ by John Denver. Even the memes the internet instantly produced are inconvenient.

“Why isn’t he going into space?” and ‘Where’s Jaws when you need him?’ Zuckerberg on his floating surfboard in the sinking Titanic, surfing away from the burning gas in the Gulf of Mexico, and with Jaws now showing up… The internet felt obliged to get on with the patriotic billionaire, but seemed there to be himself not convinced. ‘Why are billionaires so weird?’, the predominant sentiment, along with ‘Billionaires, they’re just like us’, seemed sarcasm.

Know before medemiljardair Elon Musk his ‘special’ statements on social media about Asperger’s syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder.

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