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Marjon Tolhuis – Coffee time

Marjon Tolhuis will come by today to talk with Tom Oostrom about the increase in the number of organ donations. Marjon herself has the hereditary disease ADPKD, a form of cyst kidneys, and as an expert by experience can tell you enough about it. How does this increase come about? What does this mean for the kidney foundation?

The Kidney Foundation is committed to healthy kidneys for everyone. Through scientific research, patient treatment, patient support and donations, they fight every day for as many healthy kidneys as possible.

In 2022 there will have been a total of 1402 organ donations, the most organ donations ever. Both living and deceased donors. The figures are therefore back at the same level as before corona. A very positive change. The waiting list for many organs has also become shorter as a result. Unlike the waiting list of kidney transplants. It has increased by 5%. As a result, kidney donation remains very important.

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