Mario Gomez: Comeback in the Bundesliga? Job at top club in discussion

Mario Gomez is currently working as a TV expert.

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Mario Gomez has celebrated several titles with FC Bayern Munich. Is the former goalscorer now returning to the Bundesliga? To the big rival of all things?

Leipzig – Lawn ball sport Leipzig * actually had the claim again this year to be at least the second force in Germany and to continue to overtake Borussia Dortmund. Instead, the “Red Bulls” got off to a bad start to the Bundesliga season, with Jesse Marsch’s team currently in twelfth place in the table with just one win of the season and four points. Even the departure of sporting director Markus Krösche, who went to Eintracht Frankfurt, could not yet be compensated.

There is a lack of a manager internally and externally who can moderate the small sporting crisis and can stand the back of the coach and the team. So currently club boss Oliver Mintzlaff has to step into the breach. After all: When looking for a sporting director, negotiations with a candidate could prove to be pleasant and trusting. As the Stuttgart news namely to report, Mintzlaff is considering a personal “friend” and former star of FC Bayern Munich * for the role.

RB Leipzig: Mario Gomez probably on the list for vacant positions

This is how Mario Gomez should be on the Saxons’ slip of paper. The 36-year-old Champions League winner with the Reds could provide Marsch with technical and communication support. Since Gomez was represented by consultant Uli Ferber during his active time and Mintzlaff once worked for his company, the two are already on friendly terms. The journalist Florian Scholz is also a long-time friend of Gomez and currently works as a commercial manager at RB.

the Sports picture brings Gomez in connection with the Red Bull Group, but reports a somewhat more global role in the shower manufacturer’s football network. The former international should take care of networking and further development in the complex, which includes other clubs in Salzburg, New York and Brazil, among others. “I’m someone who wants to take people with me through my experiences and bring in positive vibes,” he recently told the Stuttgart news.

Mario Gomez: Coach job and VfB return excluded for the time being

An attitude that would not only be a perfect fit for both jobs, but also for the profession of trainer. However, Gomez can rule that out for himself. There are no guard rails where he absolutely wants to go. But it is clear that “I don’t want to be a coach first”. So a return to home club VfB Stuttgart is not an option for the time being. There are no discussions at all, even if that is quite conceivable in the future. So there is room for Bundesliga * competitor RB Leipzig.

Gomez is currently working as an expert in broadcasting championships for Amazon Prime. A project that he could probably not continue as the sporting director of the Leipzig team. After all, the shower club itself plays in the premier class, but recently caught a 6-3 swat against Manchester City. The subsequent and furious Bundesliga game against 1. FC Köln ended 1: 1, so the Leipzigers, who were spoiled for success, did not get back on track either. Maybe Mario Gomez will bring a breath of fresh air to Saxony soon. A tennis superstar would definitely keep his fingers crossed for him. (ta) is part of IPPEN.MEDIA


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