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Marilou Aussilloux: From “Sous le carpet” to “La Maladie de la famille M” – An actress on the rise

The Narbonnaise, Marilou Aussilloux, is on the poster of “Sous le carpet,” a first film by Camille Japy which is released this July 19. The actress is currently playing at the Avignon festival “the disease of the M family” in a staging by Théo Askolovitch, also of Narbonne origin. Encounter.

You play both in “Sous le carpet”, a film that is coming out these days and in “la Maladie de la famille M” in Avignon; and both deal with mourning. It’s a coincidence ?

Absolutely ! It’s a piece about the unsaid, a magnificent, contemporary piece, written by Fausto Paravidino. It is performed every evening at the Théâtre des Béliers, staged by Théo Askolovitch. He is the son of the journalist Claude, he adapted this piece because he works a lot on mourning. We’re going to work together on another piece he wrote. He has a lot of talent.

What is the plot?

It is the reconstruction of a family after the mourning of the mother. I play the role of the big sister, I take care of everyone and I have a hidden love affair with the family doctor.

Have you ever been in the Off d’Avignon?

Yes I had played Don Juan 4/5 years ago, I am delighted to find the atmosphere of the festival again. We are seven actors on the set, it creates something very pleasant on stage, we are all friends from the same school, Cours Florent, apart from Pascal Elso, the only actor older than us. He is a very great actor.

Marilou Aussilloux during the filming of “Under the carpet”, a year ago, in the Paris region.

How was the filming of “Under the carpet”?

We shot in the Paris region a year ago. It is a film centered on Ariane Ascaride and Bérénice Bejo who play mother and daughter. We all have our story in relation to mourning: everyone manages it in their own way, with their own trajectory.

Is it difficult to accurately interpret a bereavement, when one has not oneself been confronted with such a situation?

No, it wasn’t hard because I play Carla, a girl who has another vision of death, more spiritual, mystical. She believes a lot in signs… We had to connect to romantic, poetic things. It’s another way of mourning. I liked it a lot, this character contaminated me in life: I learned a lot from it, I learned about mourning in other cultures, other civilizations. Since death is part of life, it can be celebrated as a feast. This opened up fields of perception for me. Carla is a very free girl. To have experienced this freedom is in me now and it will help me as an actress.

What is it like to act in a director’s first film?

It was wonderful ! Camille Jupy is an actress and we understood each other because she knows the actors and it was great. It was the first time that I played a big role in the cinema like that, it was strong! I love making the first films, because there is everything to explore, there is a common search.

Why did she call on you?

Camille Japy had seen me in Adieu les cons by Albert Dupontel, she found me luminous and told me that I was “a little sun”. She called me to pass the castings.

Marilou Aussilloux with Théo Askolovitch on the stage of “La Maladie de la famille M” in Avignon.

How is Ariane Ascaride?

He really is a person I love very much. She’s adorable, she’s a huge actress: she does her stunts herself. She holds the film, she is up before everyone else and is the last in bed. She’s really a humanist, it shows in her roles, she has something very childish about her, it’s overwhelming because she’s of all ages. She really is a great actress. I was very impressed and learned a lot. We are going to work together on another film in the fall.

Et Bérénice Bejo ?

I have a very strong memory, that of my greatest scene in the film, it is with her, and she helped me with her gaze, her kindness, she made me laugh and I found thanks to her the humor that I had to embody. It’s a real movie memory for me. On the set, we brought a lot to each other.

It seems that with this film you have taken a step?

Yes ! What’s great about this film is that it’s always on the wrong foot: when it’s sad, we laugh, when it’s funny, we cry! We are always on the edge of emotion, it is rare and precious. And there was a lot of love from the director: we felt free to propose everything, we had great freedom to explore and at the same time, we felt like a family. I discovered a lot of things about myself. Professionally, I felt a difference, it’s true that I took a step forward. It was my first big role in the cinema, I had had two leading roles in two series, but it was less complex, less free. Since then, I had a job offer without going through a casting. It’s the first time ! And with a wonderful director!

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